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Friday, April 7, 2017

How should people strive to communicate as global citizens?

Sixth Grade Pen Pal and Mural Project
Leila Huff, Grade 6 Homeroom and Language Arts Teacher
Stevie Olson, Grade 6 Homeroom and Social Studies Teacher
Berhane Zerom, Grade 6 Homeroom and Math Teacher

Sixth grade students have begun correspondence with their pen pals at Al-Noor Academy as the first step in our spring project. The students discussed in class how to write a thoughtful introductory letter in order to get to know someone and build initial bridges of communication.

To prepare, students searched Al-Noor Academy’s website to see what their community was like and learn about the school’s mission and values. They watched videos posted on the school’s home page, read about when the school was founded, and compared the two schools for similarities and differences in curriculum. Teachers then grouped the 55 sixth graders to write to their Pen Pal and engage in the collaborative writing and drafting process.

Their final letters were sent to Al-Noor, and the students are anxiously awaiting responses. Overall, students are excited and anticipating the correspondence and ultimately their meeting to create the mural together. Al-Noor students will write letters back to BB&N students initiating the conversation regarding this year’s theme: How should people strive to communicate as global citizens?

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