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Friday, June 9, 2017

Islamic Geometry and Mural Project

Sixth Grade Pen Pal and Mural Project
Leila Huff, Grade 6 Homeroom and Language Arts Teacher
Stevie Olson, Grade 6 Homeroom and Social Studies Teacher
Berhane Zerom, Grade 6 Homeroom and Math Teacher

With support from the Urban Connections Grant, Berhane Zerom developed and lead a team of sixth grade students on exploration in Math class. For centuries, Islamic geometrical patterns have been used as decorations on walls, textiles, doors, and domes. The four basic shapes from which the more complex patterns are created include circles and interlaced circles, squares, stars, and polygons. These four forms are usually present in any given design in more than one category.

Sixth grade students spent about two weeks studying the techniques used in Islamic geometry and made designs of their own. They used simple mathematical tools as compass, straight edge ruler, and pencils and used these images to discuss the history, discoveries, and stereotypes about certain groups of people or religions. Some of the students chose to make similar images to represent them in the mural project’s self-portrait section.

The sixth grade was proud to present the final mural at their promotion ceremony on June 7th.

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