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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Art for Social Change Field Trip

BB&N MS Guerrilla Artists Meet Public Art in Cambridge
Sasha Bergmann, MS 3D Art Teacher

Today we had a successful field trip today to Kendall Square, (Binney & 3rd to be more exact), and the Garment District with my Art for Social Change Elective.  We explored this outdoor space for our 'Cambridge' location for our current Empathy Shoe exhibit that is currently up at BB&N Middle School.  

We had a very productive conversation about how to present our idea in a non-ceiling site when our original idea was to do a chandelier of shoes, without losing integrity for our idea.  Our current plan is to make a large standing word out of shoes. We tried it out with our bodies, making the word ACCEPT.  We are curious about how to express empathy in this country's current political climate.  We have not settled on what word/s yet.  We have research to do for materials and costs and we also need to put together a proposal for the Cambridge Artist Council for this Kendall Square space which is a designate open space for Public Art.


After we finished in Kendall Square, we stopped off at the Garment District and purchased 25 pounds of shoes for our continued sculpture experience.  

It was a great time!!  If we would have had more time, I would have treated them to ice cream... next time!!

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