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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Museum of Science, Boston

Museum of Science, Boston
Kelley Schultheis, MS Science Teacher
Gus Means, MS Math Teacher

We’ve had a busy fall with our Museum of Science Urban Connections Grant. In October, the entire 7th grade went on an epic adventure to the Museum. The focus of the trip was teamwork and homeroom bonding. In addition, we learned a little science along the way. We started the day with a high-tech scavenger hunt across the museum using iPads and an app called Klikaklu.

After the scavenger hunt, students tried their hands at the Museum’s Design Challenge Station. The challenge of the day was to design and build a claw that could pick up the most toys. There was serious competition, particularly among the math and science teachers. We capped our adventure with a lightning show in the Theater of Electricity. During the finale, our very own, Mr. Means, put his own life on the line to test the laws of physics. He climbed into the cage with the presenter as it was struck by lightning! Luckily he lived to tell the tale.

In November, we expanded our Museum and BB&N connection by hosting our first ever school-wide Family Knight. We had about 80 BB&N families, including faculty and staff families, join us for an evening of fun and science. Please visit this BB&N article to learn more about the Family Knight:

We are looking forward to our traveling program in February. The Museum will be bringing some extreme temperatures to the Big Room on 80 Sparks. Stay-tuned to hear about our next science adventure!

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